Our Services

Debt Collection

Debt collection has been done on behalf of Steve Tshwete Local Municipality as well as the Collisen Group, Gestetner, the Steve Tshwete Housing Association and the JVFT Group, to name just a few.

Two legal typists are involved in debt collection in the office.  Regular monthly reports to clients keeping them updated of the various status of matters handled by our office.

Litigation - Magistrate's Court / High Court

With regard to litigation matters Johan Alberts has excellent experience in all types of Magistrate and Supreme Court litigation including collections and foreclosure of bonds.  He has, for example, successfully tried High Court cases on behalf of the Steve Tshwete Local Municipality and JEF Drill & Blast (a subsidiary of Sentula Mining).  He has also been successful in the Magistrate's Court in cases on behalf of the Steve Tshwete Local Municipality and the Steve Tshwete Housing Association, amongst many others.  He has also attended to proposing and perfecting of notarial bonds and liquidation matters in the High Court, including evictions.


Johan Alberts was admitted as a Conveyancer by the High Court of South Africa on 10 January 1998.  He is currently a member of the Nedbank Limited bond registration panel.  The Steve Tshwete Local Municipality was one of his clients on whose behalf he has successfully dealt with numerous transactions including transfers, notarial deeds pertaining to immovable property, notarial servitudes and mining rights.  He is also actively involved with the Steve Tshwete Housing Association in Middelburg and Chromeville / Mhluzi and has dealt with numerous transactions on their behalf, including sectional title openings and transfers.

Having a senior and junior conveyancing typist on the staff, all conveyancing matters may be dealt with personally and promptly, resulting in speedily finalised conveyancing matters. This includes:

  • Transfers
  • Bond registrations
  • Opening of sectional title schemes
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Subdivisions and consolidations
  • Rezoning
  • Statutes, regulations and procedures

Municipal Legislation

Johan Alberts regularly had to deal with the interpretation and application of Municipal Legislation in matters before the High Court and Magistrate's Court.  He also provides legal opinion with regard to Municipal Legislation and/or other applicable legislation for the Steve Tshwete Local Municipality and the Steve Tshwete Housing Association.

Labour Law

Labour Law matters are dealt with by Johan Alberts, in association with Brandmuller Attorneys, for example a strike by firemen where an urgent court order was obtained to end the strike.  While he doesn't consider himself a labour law specialist, Johan Alberts is nevertheless able to assist and/or advise clients on the following:

  • Drafting of contracts and codes of conduct
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Representation at CCMA and labour court
  • Statutory registrations
  • Advice on employment benefits, including medical schemes
  • Drafting, development and advice on employment policies

Contract Law

Johan Alberts deals with all spheres and aspects of the Law of Contract and he has drawn up various types of contracts.  He also provides services regarding the drafting and interpretation of normal purchase agreements, lease agreements, agency and representation agreements, mining and minerals agreements and franchises, to name but a few.

Criminal Law

Criminal matters are either dealt with by Johan Alberts personally or on his behalf by Weno van Aswegen or Joseph van Eeden.

Family Law and Trusts

Johan Alberts has successfully attended to a wide range of registration of Trusts and has attended to various Family Law matters for his client-base.  He also attends to winding up of estates.

Notary Public

Since being admitted as Notary Public on 3 August 1993, Johan Alberts has attended to various aspects of the Law including Mineral Contracts and the registration of Notarial Covering Bonds over movable property.  He also regularly gives advice on antenuptial contracts.

Commercial / Insolvency Law

Johan Alberts has extensive experience regarding to Commercial Law and has attended to numerous contracts for corporate companies as well as the proposing and perfecting of Notarial Bonds and Liquidation matters.

Administration of Estates

Marlize Seidel attends to all Administration of Estates and has succesfully finalised many difficult liquidation and distribution accounts.  She also regularly assists clients in the administration of deceased estates.